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Flexible solutions for the design and renovation of commercial premises. Your sales are directly influenced by your business premises – ensure that you make the right first impression!

Gasida Construcții is one of the market leaders in commercial premises design and renovation. With over 11 years of experience, Gasida Construcții provides integrated solutions so that the commercial premises are optimized in all respects.

The business premises are one of the most important identity elements. They are the first contact between the buyer and the seller, so the first impression is vital. We are aware of the importance of this aspect, so our team’s mission is to create welcoming commercial premises that meet the client’s requirements and needs.

The most frequent works requested in the commercial field are store design and various types of renovations. Below you can discover the services we provide so that your business has all the prerequisites to grow toward success.

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What our clients have to say about us

“My name is Cosmin Mutu and I am the director of a company that acquired the Magnolia.ro Franchise, which is one of the largest floral retailers in Romania. Frankly, I was nervous the first time I made use of the services of Gasida Construcții because, as the project was a franchise, many details had to follow a fixed project devised by the franchiser’s architect. However, the guys from Gasida surprised me in a very pleasant way! They were very receptive and flexible to our requirements and they managed to complete our project in due time while observing high quality standards. I thought that the price-quality ratio was very good, so I warmly recommend them!”

Cosmin Mutu