Gasida Construcții executes renovation works, floor and wall tiling, drywall paneling and the classic living quarter paint job. The project is carried out in due time and within budget out of respect for you.

Are you looking for a team of specialists to paint your bedroom? Are you thinking about putting in floor and wall tiles? Building renovation and upgrades require a professional’s touch to ensure perfect results. That is the very reason why Gasida Construcții and its 11 years of experience guarantee that the work is carried out in the agreed timeframe and budget.

We work in a clean manner, so we are responsible for cleaning up after the works’ execution. It is our way of saying that we respect your home. At the same time, we give you a helping hand to quickly turn your project into a real success.

If we convinced you by now, below you can discover the seven services we provide for residential buildings.

Floor and wall tile installation

Thermal insulation installation

Paint jobs

Façade renovation

Apartment renovation

House and villa renovation

What our clients have to say about us

“Several months ago, we moved into a new house. The electrical installation was a mess. Half-pulled out outlets, non-functional switches, molten wiring… It was a nightmare. We chose Gasida Construcții after a friend recommended them to us. That is how we stumbled upon a team of professionals. We discovered that, in fact, the entire electrical installation was on the verge of breaking down at any moment. For safety reasons, we chose to completely replace it. Despite the fact that this was a large project, which later on included a full-house paint job, everything went precisely as it should have, in terms of both time and money. Thank you once again! We are happy to keep recommending you!”

Constantin Pârvu